Welcome to Vasanthi


The story of Vasanthi began in Thailand in January 2012, when we travelled around the country in a month with our daughter at nine months. Repeatedly we was drawn to all the beautiful and handmade products centered about light.

Think about moods and what lovely surroundings they could create.

Should we create something? With light? We smiled at the thought, filled the largest suitcase we could find with strings lights, kids lamps, and went home.

The lights were well hidden in the trunk. For a long time. But the thought of what we could create, was constantly working in the back of the heads. All the time.

Winter and summer went by. In the summer of 2012 we traveled to Sri Lanka on holiday.

We visited Sri Lanka during the huge Perahera festival in Kandy, when the city is visited by hundreds of elephants, decorated with beautiful glittering capes. The small beautiful blue elephant with pearl cloaks was purchased during Perahera festival. Of course. And it quickly became symbolic of several things.

The country made an impression. In several ways.

Hanne was born in Sri Lanka. So it was in many ways great to visit the country together as a little family. However, it was also a journey where we took decisions and made plans for the future. The lights from Thailand was topic of the conversation, again. There, in Sri Lanka, it suddenly was quite natural that our company should be called Vasanthi. Hannes birth name. Now our little family’s middle name. It was clear. And the little elephant was well wrapped and shipped back home to Denmark – along with ideas and a business plan for the creation of Vasanthi.

In the winter of 2013, we traveled back to Thailand. On a business trip. For real. Met suppliers, visited factories and workshops. Saw string lights and lamps. So many lights and lamps. We drank fresh cold lime juice and ate Pad Thai, while we thought. Thought a lot. We felt happy. It felt right to create our own business. Time for action. Hence, with this trip to Thailand Vasanthi was kicked off.

When we travel around the world, we always find nice, small, quirky and colorful things for our home. One thing that is going to stand close to our heart. Home brought things from other parts of the world, reminiscent of great moments, exciting experiences, smells, sounds and colors, things that makes us smile … a moment of the world … now in our home. As the little elephant from Sri Lanka.

When we making it cozy at home, we do it with things that are important to us. Our hope is that with products from Vasanthi you feel like to adorn your home or your garden a warm summer night – or the party of the year. We hope that the products will bring joy and smiles and warmth. Welcome to Vasanthi’s universe … light creates moods.

Hanne and Jacob Vasanthi Breindahl